Black-Tie Banjo

Geoff Freed, 5-string banjo
Ann Frenkel, piano

Performances and other public work

Although Geoff and Ann no longer perform together as a duo, Geoff occasionally gives solo performances. Information and schedules will be posted here.

In the meantime, note that Geoff's playing is part of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' permanent musical instruments collection: listen to a recording of "Crinoline" played on the MFA's 1904 Whyte Laydie #7. Geoff has also been videotaped playing another banjo in the MFA's collection, the Consalvi banjo, built in 1895 by Icilio Consalvi and considered by some to be the most ornate banjo ever created. To see the video, rent a multimedia-guide handset when you visit the MFA, and enter #251 on the keypad. This video is not yet available on the MFA's Web site. When it becomes available, a link will be posted here.

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