Black-Tie Banjo

Geoff Freed, 5-string banjo
Ann Frenkel, piano

The following recordings are available from Black-Tie Banjo. See ordering information below. To hear 30-second sound clips (mp3 format), select the linked titles.

'At Home' cover
  1. Española (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  2. Joe Morley's Cakewalk (Joe Morley)
  3. Une Pensée (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  4. Fun on the Wabash (Parke Hunter)
  5. Gavotte In F (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  6. Dandelion Serenade (Timothy L. Mainland)
  7. Rose Leaves (Joe Morley)
  8. Serenade (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  9. Dancer's Dream (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  10. Nocturnes for Banjo and Piano, Op. 104: Evening Primrose, Moonlit, Morning Glories (Timothy L. Mainland)
  11. Gypsy Love (Bernard Sheaff)
  12. Cigarette Polka (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  13. Dinkey (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  14. The Multiflora Rose (Timothy L. Mainland)
  15. It's Monday Night (Alfred D. Cammeyer)

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'Centennial Souvenir' cover
  1. The Washington Post (John Philip Sousa)
  2. Thumbs Up (Joe Morley)
  3. The Favorite (Joe Morley)
  4. All Alone (zither banjo; Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  5. Laughing Water (zither banjo; Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  6. At Sunset (Emile Grimshaw)
  7. Tarantella (Alfred Kirby)
  8. Schön Rosmarin (Fritz Kreisler)
  9. Three Pieces for Banjo and Piano, Op. 107: Musette, Melodian, Hambone (Timothy L. Mainland)
  10. La Belle Polka (Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  11. Miniature II (zither banjo; Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  12. Caprice Accidental (zither banjo; Alfred D. Cammeyer)
  13. Waltzing Matilda/Blue Bells of Scotland (Paterson/traditional; arr. G. Freed)
  14. The Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa)

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You can also buy either CD directly from Black-Tie Banjo for $14.00 each ppd to North America; $18.00 each ppd to all other continents. U.S. funds only. Please send cash, check or money order (payable to Geoff Freed) to:

Geoff Freed
128 Alpine Terrace
Arlington, MA 02474

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